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One Simple Formula For Better Time Management

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You know, time is limited. But what if you can do more on the same time frame? This is what successful people do in their life. They’re not actually managing the time.

They are managing themselves to get better use of the time they have. Actually, there is nothing like a time management. You can not manage time. You have to manage yourself to get most out of the time.

As this channel is focused on the holistic growth of developers. hence we present this video that will give you the best tips to gain experience the right way.

Hope you enjoy and may this video add value to your life.


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Video Chapters :
00:00 – 00:51 – Introduction
00:51 – 04:51 – 1 Golden Rule For Time Management
04:51 – 07:22 – What to do?
07:22 – 07:29 – Outro

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