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Immanuel Kant – How To Manage Your Time (Kantianism)

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In this video we will be talking about The 7 ways to manage time from the teachings of Immanuel Kant. Kant. Immanuel Kant is considered to be one of the central Enlightenment thinkers of all time. His philosophy is called Kantianism.

So here are 7 time management tips from Immanuel Kant –
01. Organize yourself
02. Follow through
03. Follow universal principles in your daily activities
04. Schedule time for developing your skills
05. Make time for the small things
06. Make time for your other duties
07. Make time for moral self-development
Hope you enjoyed this video and find these insights on time management from Immanuel Kant helpful.

Immanuel Kant lived in the 18th century and is considered to be one of the greatest German philosophers and one of the central Enlightenment thinkers of all time. His philosophical revolution was to place the human at the center of the philosophical study of knowledge, morality, and beauty. He deeply believed that reason is the root of morality. His thoughts on the relationship between reason and human experience led to the notion of “procedural humanism” or “Kantian humanism”.
The work of Immanuel Kant is still relevant today as the humanistic values of Western culture are deeply influenced by the Kantian moral philosophy. His philosophy is called Kantianism
The fundamental idea of Kant’s “critical philosophy” – especially in his three Critiques: the Critique of Pure Reason (1781, 1787), the Critique of Practical Reason (1788), and the Critique of the Power of Judgment (1790) – is human autonomy. He argues that human understanding is the source of the general laws of nature that structure all our experience; and that human reason gives itself the moral law, which is our basis for belief in God, freedom, and immortality.

Narration/Audio Editing: Dan Mellins-Cohen

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