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How to start a Group Discussion – the best way | GD tips – Part 8 | by Dr Sandeep Patil.

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How to start a Group Discussion – the best way | GD tips – Part 8 | by Dr Sandeep Patil.
*English and Confidence Therapy*

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You can enroll for an online personal mentoring/counseling programs conducted by me.
1. English and confidence therapy- for low confidence and English communication.
2. Interview Psychology-personal mentoring for entrance/corporate/ UPSC Interview..
3.Group Discussion sessions.

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About this video:-
How to start a GD is a very important video which will help you to start the GD effectively and will make you stand out.

There are three stages in starting a GD.
1. Attention grabber.
2. Define the topic of the GD using a combination of words like, interesting, serious, important, and controversial. Use your common sense and make an appropriate combination depending on the topic.
3. Then start the GD in six different ways.
-Start with a quote related to the topic.
-Definition of the topic.
-Ask a question and answer the question.
-Provide facts, figures and statistics related with the topic.
-Give a shocking statement about the topic and
-Tell a short story connected with the topic.

This is the way you can start the GD. Of course, you need a lot of practice and patience before you start a GD.

Hope this video will add some value to you.

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