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8 Tips To Master Group Discussion | Group Discussion Techniques – Tips, Tricks & Ideas | Simplilearn

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This Simplilearn video on 8 Tips To Master Group Discussion will teach you how to master group discussion. Group discussion is an eliminating round of an interview; hence, you must ace this round to get your dream job. In this video, we bring a few important group discussion techniques and tips to help you crack your group discussion.

The topics covered in this video on 8 Tips To Master Group Discussion are:
✅What Is a Group Discussion? 00:00:39

✅How Is a Group Discussion Evaluated? 00:00:39

✅Tip 1: Research on Generic Topics 00:00:55
Before stepping into a group discussion, research on a few topics that are frequently asked. It is advised if you have a rough idea about a few group discussion topics. In the end, you are not judged on your knowledge but on how wisely you present your answers in a group discussion.

✅Tip 2: How to Initiate a Group Discussion 00:02:34
Our tip to you is that, speak first in a group discussion only if you have meaningful information on the topic. You could start the group discussion with a relevant quote, story, or fact. If you are unsure of how to start, it is fine to wait and listen to the others and then start talking in a group discussion.

✅Tip 3: Be Careful About How You Speak 00:03:07
In a group discussion, there will be many candidates with different views; you need to respect that and assertively put across your view and not aggressively. At no point should you shout and get angry in a group discussion.

✅Tip 4: Communicate Confidently 00:04:45
In a group discussion, it would be best if you spoke with clarity and communicate confidently. Everything boils down to how you present your opinion and how well you can convince the rest of the candidates while talking in a group discussion.

✅Tip 5: Do Not Just Hear but Listen 00:05:29
In a group discussion, you are also judged on your listening skills. Listen carefully, and then reply. You need to ensure that you give others a chance to talk in a group discussion.

✅Tip 6: Good Body Language 00:06:06
Body language also plays a prime role in a group discussion. The panellists notice the way you sit and react. You should also remember to dress professionally and be presentable before stepping into a group discussion.

✅Tip 7: Do Not Deviate From the Topic 00:06:30
Do not deviate from the topic. Focus on the content rather than the length of your speech. Group discussions also provide you with an opportunity to display your leadership skills.

✅Tip 8: State Your Conclusion 00:07:00
Summarizing or stating your conclusion gives a good chance to grab the panel’s attention. Our tip is that you summarize the entire group discussion and highlight the key points.

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Group Discussion is a crucial round in any interview process. Whether you are applying for your dream job or trying to get into the top-tier colleges, group discussion is undoubtedly one of the eliminating rounds that you need to face. Many candidates panic about group discussions, not to worry as we have a few important tips to help you crack your GD. Today we bring you this interesting video on Mastering Group Discussions!

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