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Four important stages in a Group Discussion | GD tips- Part 9 | by Dr. Sandeep Patil

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Four important stages in a Group Discussion | GD tips- Part 9 | by Dr. Sandeep Patil
*English and Confidence Therapy*

Details of online course:-
You can enroll for an online personal mentoring/counseling programs conducted by me.
1. English and confidence therapy- for low confidence and English communication.
2. Interview Psychology-personal mentoring for entrance/corporate/ UPSC Interview..
3.Group Discussion sessions.

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whatsapp Rahul sir-+91 70205 71638

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My team will contact you. If you agree to the rules and regulations I will have a personal video conference session with you and then you will be inducted in the course.


About this video:-
Group discussion tips series will help you to understand how to take the group discussion (GD) in the right direction (end). Most of the students keep on talking (directionless) without doing any progress and end up going nowhere.

This video will help you to take the GD (group discussion) towards the conclusion. There are four phases for any GD.

1 Problem definition in a group discussion (GD).
2. Reasons/causes behind the problem.
3. Effects due to the problem.
4. Solutions for the problem.

If you can give 20% of the time for above 3 points and remaining 80% for solutions then you are utilizing your time judiciously and also focusing on the right content rather than beating the bush. In this way, you will be having very focused and well directed GD.


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