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Personality Development || Soft Skills ||

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Personality Development || Soft Skills ||

Personality Development soft skills

Personality Development
What is Personality?
• The word personality derives from the latin word that is persona, and which means mask.
• Personality can refer to a set of qualities that make an individual look distinct from others.
• Personality actually comprises a set of emotional qualities, attitudes, values, beliefs, communication skills, ways of thinking and behaviour.
• How a person behaves or the way he acts in certain situation warranties and guarantees himself to be called a good personality.
Qualities of Good Personality
• Positive attitude
• Values
• Beliefs
• Motivations, desires and feelings
Why Personality is important?
• To deal with different individuals
• To enhance career prospects
• To cultivate flexibility, persuasion, compassion and diplomacy
• To ensure competence in professional life
Personality Development Benefits
• Stress-free and healthier life
• Better decision making ability
• Enhanced confidence level
• A more pleasing personality
Personality Development Tips
1. Be as positive as a proton
Staying positive will help you overcome the toughest of challenges while attracting more positivity and opportunities.
2. Be more passionate
Let your passion drive your efforts and you’ll be able to achieve excellence in life.
3. Handle your emotions…with care
Don’t let your emotions take control of situations but learn to get a grip on them.
4. Share a little, care a little
Learn to be more compassionate! The next time you or somebody else commits an error, let them off the hook without holding a grudge.
5. Praise the one in front of you
When we praise someone’s qualities out of the feeling of completeness, then it elevates our consciousness and brings enthusiasm and energy.
6. Communicate effectively
Bring clarity in your communication and you’ll see people respond to you better, and more than often favorably.
7. Be a lion in the face of danger
In the face of an adversity, standing up to the challenge will make your chances of survival higher..
8. Possess the quality of patience
Remember to stay calm and patient to remain stress-free and for making wise and swift decisions.

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