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10 Tips to Develop A Great Personality by Simerjeet Singh

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10 Tips to Develop A Great Personality by Simerjeet Singh | Improve Your People Skills – Personality Development Tips | How to Have an Impressive Personality? | Great Personality Tips | How to Develop a Great Personality?

Watch the latest video by Simerjeet Singh in which he provides 10 tips to develop a great personality and people skills for the audience. He aims to make the people realize that the tiny little steps they take daily help make them better in the long run. He emphasizes that the first step to personal growth is recognizing the fact that there is the scope of improvement and then having the commitment to make efforts to improve oneself. In an effortless yet thought-provoking way, he shares 10 strategies like listening intently, talking to strangers, reading to learn to help people become better versions of themselves.

In today’s globalized and competitive world, people need to reinvent their personalities and augment their skills daily. People skills refer to three distinctive capabilities: individual effectiveness, communication, intervention, and mediation skills. In simple words, these skills refer to behaviour patterns leading to effective collaboration, connection and communication between people.

Simerjeet Singh aims to help you by providing ten tips to develop a great personality. It will help you improve your people skills. He wants to highlight that the excessive importance of only being proficient in technical skills is a bad bargain. Ultimately, it is not technology that runs the world, but people do.

In the video, Simerjeet touches upon some prominent questions like:
1. Do you complain that other people do not listen to you intently?
If yes, he advises that you should ask yourself the question: Do you listen to others properly? The problem with the world today is that we all want others to listen to us and are involved constantly in the race to overpower others into listening to us.

2. Do you believe that you have less attention span and poor imagination?
He provides the remedy of developing a good reading habit. It will give you the required exposure to diverse situations, enhancing your cognitive ability and improving your retention span.

3. Do you believe that people have been avoiding you of late?
If yes, he raises the question of whether you are a lifter or a leaner? In his conversational and dynamic way, he exemplifies that it is your choice whether you want to give support to others when they are feeling low; or you complain in every situation and want others to solve your problems.

He addresses the main question: how to have an impressive personality? by emphasizing that being optimistic and cheerful are the prerequisites for it. Furthermore, he gives a valuable message that you should treat others with respect irrespective of their caste, class, region or religion. It will result in more fulfilling interpersonal relations and increased career progression in the dynamic times of the 21st century.

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Listen to the audio track on #SimerjeetSinghPodcast: https://anchor.fm/simerjeet-singh/episodes/10-Tips-to-Develop-A-Great-Personality-by-Simerjeet-Singh-e1d23cm

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