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How to crack interview ? How to give interview ? Interview preparation in Marathi

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In today’s world, ability to connect with people, communicate with people, having self confidence to talk on stage, ability to impress people, make friends is almost a superpower. This gives you a unique advantage. We all need to develop these soft skills of winning people, winning audience. In this series I am discussing some simple communication tricks and tips.

How to connect with my audience ? Is one of the most common questions I get. This is applicable to public speaking as well as in corporate communication. Your ability to develop rapport with your seniors will help you grow.

Feel free to ask questions, write your feedback in the comments of this video. I will definitely reply and address your questions in the coming videos. Till then … Happy Communicating !

Research Team: Sagar Borgaonkar, Shyam, Dinesh, Swapnil

#BhashanKaseKarawe #HowToTalk #HowToImpress

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इंटरव्हुवर चे तुम्ही मित्र होऊ शकता का ? तुम्ही थोडे इंटरव्हुवर सारखे होऊ शकता का ? एखाद्या व्यक्तीला जी लोक आवडतात ती एकतर त्याच्या सारखी असतात किंवा त्याला ज्या व्यक्तीसारखे व्हायचे असते त्यांच्या सारखी असतात.

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