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Interview Skills (English) I Learn 21 Interview Skills with Shalu Pal I What are Interview Skills?

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Ms. Shalu Pal will describe Interview Skills in detail. You will learn Top 21 Interview Skills to Get a Job in this video. These 21 tips will increase your chance to crack an interview.

These interview skills are divided into three categories, 1) Things you should know before going for an interview, 2) What to remember during the interview and 3) Things you should know after the interview.

Contents of this video are 1) What are interview skills, 2) Before the interview, 2) During the interview, and 3) after the interview.

Interview skills includes many factors like 1) interview behaviour, 2) body language, 3) do’s and dont’s during interview.

Interview skills are the actions candidates take to achieve success in the job interviews.

I believe that this video will be useful for the growth of your career.

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