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Communication Skills: Empathetic Listening – Inside Out, 2015

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Communication Skills: Empathetic Listening

Effective listening skills are the basics of building successful relationships with people. How we engage others in verbal and non-verbal communication, what do we hear behind words, how we understand and empathize the emotions of others, ask questions and clarify the messages — all these contribute to our emotional intelligence and effective social skills, influencing our lives both on a personal and professional level.

A picture is worth a thousand words! To ensure a deeper understanding and provide more meaningfulness to the basic communication and social skills training, we routinely use clips from famous movies — as an example of “what to do” or “what not to do”. The effectiveness of this online learning method is achieved through the inclusion of our visual channel of perception, emotionality of the image, and ease of submission of material.
Enjoy your experience!

This movie clip refers to the Effective Listening lesson which is part of the Genius of Communication online learning course, along with six other lessons on Body Language, Verbal Communication, Building Relationships, Conflict Resolution, Personal Image, and Manners & Etiquette. Together they encompass the basics of social skills and provide one big advantage — they give us the freedom to communicate effectively with anyone and everywhere, liberate us from shyness, and shift our confidence to a higher level.

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Communication Skills: Empathetic Listening

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