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What is Teamwork ?

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Soft Skills || Teamwork ||

Soft Skills || Teamwork ||

2. What is Teamwork? Art of collaborating with others effectively. Different pieces of larger puzzles come together, with different workers taking on different puzzle pieces. People have different working styles Interpret & adapt to these, ensuring that you work well together.
3. The Importance of Teamwork Stress Reduction- Working alone, leads to feelings of isolation and an increase in stress. Team members offer an outlet for stress. Improved Communication- Individuals in different departments often develop an “us-vs-them” mentality about people working in other areas of the business. Teamwork leads to better coordination and healthy business relationship.
4. Efficiency- Every person brings a set of strengths and a set of weaknesses to the table. When a strong culture of teamwork exists, effective leaders can delegate tasks that play to individual strengths. Improved Problem Solving- Even the most creative individual will only generate a finite number of solutions to a problem. Better Teamwork more solution to problems. Continue…
5. Dual benefit: 1. a harmonious office environment 2. More effective work. Teams that gel well are far more likely to impress clients, complete projects and seal deals. A company’s reputation often rests on how teamwork. Teamwork Skills www.lawofcompounding.net
6. Teamwork involves a whole set of skills that can’t easily be put under one heading. Below we’ve covered five different skill areas that are integral to a great team player. Types of Teamwork Skills Teamwork Skills Communication Skills Support Skills Problem-Solving Skills Listening and Feedback Skills Conflict Management Skills
7. Some tips for a better teamwork  Think about your team first  Transparency must be maintained and healthy interaction must be promoted among the team members  The team leader must take the responsibility of encouraging the team members  Discuss  Avoid criticism  Avoid conflicts in your team  Rewards and Recognition 7
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