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What is Leadership ? Soft Skills

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2. What Is Leadership? Leadership is the potential to influence behaviour of others. Leaders are required to develop future visions, and to motivate the organizational members to want to achieve the visions.
3. Characteristics of Leadership  It is a inter-personal process in which a manager is into influencing and guiding workers towards attainment of goals.  It denotes a few qualities to be present in a person which includes intelligence, maturity and personality.  It is a group process. It involves two or more people interacting with each other.
4. Continue…  A leader is involved in shaping and moulding the behaviour of the group towards accomplishment of organizational goals.  Leadership is situation bound. There is no best style of leadership. It all depends upon tackling with the situations.
5. Leadership is an important function of management which helps to maximize efficiency and to achieve organizational goals. 1. Initiates Action- Leader is a person who starts the work by communicating the policies and plans to the subordinates from where the work actually starts. IMPORTANCE OF LEADERSHIP
6. 2. Motivation- A leader proves to be playing an incentive role in the concern’s working. 3. Providing guidance- A leader has to not only supervise but also play a guiding role for the subordinates. Continue…
7. 4. Creating Confidence- Confidence can be achieved through expressing the work efforts to the subordinates. 5. Building Morale- Morale denotes willing co-operation of the employees towards their work. Continue…
8. 6. Builds work environment- An efficient work environment helps in sound and stable growth. 7. Co-ordination- Co-ordination can be achieved through reconciling personal interests with organizational goals. Continue…
9. 1. Required at all levels- Leadership is a function which is important at all levels of management. 2. Representative of the organization- A leader i.e., a manager is said to be the representative of the enterprise. Role of A Leader
10. 3. Integrates and reconciles the personal goals with organizational goals 4. Solicits support- A leader is a manager and besides that he is a person who entertains and invites support and co-operation of subordinates. Continue…
11. 5. As a friend, philosopher and guide- A leader must possess the three dimensional traits in him. He can be a friend by sharing the feelings, opinions and desires with the employees. Continue…
12. 1. Physical appearance- A leader must have a pleasing appearance. 2. Vision and foresight- A leader cannot maintain influence unless he exhibits that he is forward looking. Qualities of a Good Leader
13. 3. Communicative skills- A leader must be able to communicate the policies and procedures clearly, precisely and effectively. 4. Objective- A leader has to be having a fair outlook which is free from bias and which does not reflects his willingness towards a particular individual. Continue…
14. 5. Knowledge of work- A leader should be very precisely knowing the nature of work of his subordinates because it is then he can win the trust and confidence of his subordinates. 6. Sense of responsibility- Responsibility and accountability towards an individual’s work is very important to bring a sense of influence. Continue…
16. 9. Empathy- It is an old adage “Stepping into the shoes of others”. This is very important because fair judgement and objectivity comes only then. Continue…
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