Teach with LearnByWatch

Teach with LearnByWatch by Curating Videos, Offering Academic Courses, , Creating Learning Objectives or by Creating Goals.

Why Teach on LearnByWatch

No need to record videos

YouTube is a source of millions of videos on almost every topic. You can start curating videos from YouTube and start teaching without even recording your own video.

Create Learning Objectives

Create learning objectives for any YouTube video or Connect from existing learning objectives. This will help students to recognize exactly what they will learn from the video.

Create Quiz

You can create a quiz for any YouTube video. Students can attempt the quiz to test his/her knowledge gained from that video.

You don't have to do it alone

LearnByWatch is conducting workshops for content curation. Our team is talking to experts and creating goals. Teachers around the globe are creating learning objectives. You can help in creating these elements or you can just offer your courses without recording a single video.

Become a Mentor Today

In the era of social media where student has access to millions of educational content, Teachers need to shift their focus and start playing the role of mentor. With this philosophy we offer you tools to become the mentor for hundreds of students.
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