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Dominic from http://dominiccolenso.com here with some top tips on how to use your hands when presenting.

The most common question I get asked in my public speaking training sessions is “What do I do with my hands?”. In this video I am going to show you some simple techniques to help you look completely comfortable and in control.

When presenting and talking in meetings you should be able to express yourself freely. Use your hands in the same way that you use them when you chat with your friends! The first thing you need to do is become comfortable with what I call “a resting place”. Just letting your hands rest by the side of your body. This takes a bit of practice. Once you’re happy with that, use your hands to help you connect with your words and share your passion with your audience. Just be ware of repetitive gesture!

I hope that you find my tips on “how to use your hands when presenting” useful. Please share your comments with me in the box below and I’d love to hear about any other trick that work for you.

Keep shining!


WEBSITE: http://dominiccolenso.com
BLOG: http://www.inflowtraining.com/blog/
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/dominiccolenso

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