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Decision making process in management with examples.

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Hello friends.
In this video I had explained process of decision making with different example in each and every steps.

I had explained this process in 8 steps.
Following steps are covered.
0:00 Welcome to my channel Management By Dr. Mitul Dhimar
0:22 What is decision making?
1:03 Step 1. Identification of a problem
1:38 Step 2. Diagnosing the problem
2:08 Step 3. Collect and analyze the relevant information
2:53 Step 4. Discovery of alternative course of action
3:38 Step 5. Analyzing the alternatives
4:18 Step 6. Selection of best alternative
5:02 Step 7. Conversion of decision into action
5:47 Step 8. Verifying the decision

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What is your goal?

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