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Improve handwriting with 5 simple tips

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Good handwriting is important to score well in academics.  You might be good in study and may have a good grasp on your subject. Although, the examiner doesn’t know it. Your exam copy builds your first impression in examiner’s mind. Your subject knowledge can be tested on the basis of what you have written in exam copy. In order to test your knowledge examiner must be able to read it easily.

Your handwriting allows an examiner to read your copy easily and makes it easy to evaluate your subject knowledge. You must improve your handwriting to lower the frustration of examiner and hence get good marks. In this article, I will present 5 tips that will help you to improve handwriting.

1. Do not write rough

What is rough writing?

“Rough writing” is nothing but practicing to write in bad handwriting.

It is a well-known fact that practicing good handwriting helps you to improve handwriting. You practice writing in poor handwriting more than you practice writing in good handwriting. Most of the students do so by writing rough in coaching, classroom, college etc. You can’t compensate that just by writing a few pages in good handwriting. Remember-

When you do “rough writing”, you practice to writng in bad handwriting. Later, it will be impossible to improve handwriting because you have mastered the art of bad handwriting.

So, stop writing rough, make sure when you are writing, you are writing good. This will help you to improve handwriting.

2. Improve what is bad, not what is already good

There are 26 letters in English, few numerals in Mathematics and a limited set of akshar in Hindi. Your handwriting is not good because some of these letters, numerals or akshar are not coming nicely in your writing.

This also means that there are many letters, numerals, and akshar which are already good, you do not need to improve those. Just improve the letters which you are not comfortable with and it will improve your handwriting. Hence, the next step is to…

3. Identify the letters which need improvement

Take your last writing to your parents, friends or anyone else who can tell you what he/she is not able to understand from your writing. Make sure that you do not write after reading this article. For best result, you have to take the writing that you did before watching this video or reading this article.

Once you identified all letters, numerals, and akshar that needs improvement, make sure to write in somewhere, so you do not repeat this exercise again and again.

4. Attack on one letter at a time

Now you have a set of letters that need improvement. Don’t try to improve all at once. Instead, select one letter at a time and try to improve it for the next 7 days. Also, there is no need to give extra time to this letter. When you are going to write something, in the classroom, coaching or college, remind yourself that you have to improve that letter now. As you write give special attention to that particular letter and keep writing. This way you keep practicing to improve that letter for one week.

5. How to improve your handwriting for a letter

Identify different ways to write a letter. It’s easy to do, ask your friends to write that particular letter and follow their style once. Then select one style that is most suitable for you. Make sure that the letter is readable in the style you selected.

6. Say no to cursive writing

Cursive writing is an art form. If you can’t write well in normal writing, how can you write in good handwriting with cursive style? Practice writing each letter separately. It will give clear separation between letters of a word thus will make your handwriting more readable.

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