Web Design And Programming

Teachers and Instructional Designers needs to know the basics of web design and web programming as it will help them from launching a web blog to the development of a management system.
Course Objectives
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Micro Coursesof thisAcademic Course
Bootstrap Basics for Absolute Beginners

Bootstrap allows to add style to web documents easily. Bootstrap can be used in with basic HTML website to any web development framework.

Yogendra Pal
Assistant Professor
NIIT University, Neemrana
Dr Yogendra Pal, a PhD from IIT Bombay, is an Assistant Professor in Educational Technology at NIIT University (NU). He has seven years of experience in industry, research and academia. His teaching and research areas focus on the use of information and communications technology to impart education, especially to teach computer programming to non-English speaking students. He has, in fact, been producing videos to teach programming to Hindi speakers on his YouTube channel, ‘Learn By Watch’, since 2009.
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