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8 Creative Thinking Exercises to Boost Your Creativity

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There’s not much quite as frustrating as sitting down to create something and coming up empty. These creative thinking exercises are perfect for helping you jump over those mental hurdles and start creating. And once you’re ready, Visme is the perfect place to start: https://www.visme.co/

Just like you do physical exercise to work out your body, sometimes you need to do some mental exercises in order to work out your mind. This is exactly where creative thinking exercises like we show you in this video come in.

Jobs and tasks that require you to be endlessly creative can seem draining. That’s where we come in. Exercising your creative muscle is a great way to ensure you’re regularly able to create, write, ideate, build and more.

In this video, we cover the following creative thinking exercises:
1:01 Schedule Creative Free Time
1:57 Set a Timer
2:31 Think Quantity Over Quality
3:16 Become an “Idea Machine”
4:34 Switch Up Your Routine
5:25 Look at Something Familiar Through a New Lens
6:06 Read More
6:37 Freewrite More

Find a creative thinking exercise – or more – that works for you by trying out each of these ideas. Then watch as your creative muscle gets even stronger.

To read the blog post version of this video, head over here: https://visme.co/blog/creativity-exercises/

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